COV2SMT - Help

  • The S protein sequences dataset is periodically updated by extraction and translation from the hCoV-19 genomic sequences collected in the GISAID resource, (Elbe, S. and Buckland-Merrett, G., 2017, Glob Chall, 1, 33-46.1-2; Shu, Y. and McCauley, J., 2017, Euro Surveill, 22).
  • Only human sequences without undefined nucleotides and without insertions and/or deletions (1273-amino acid long) are considered. The reference sequence for mutations is: the Wuhan sequence, GISAID ID: EPI_ISL_402124, reported 2019-12-30
  • Insert the first and last number of the amino acid (AA) sequence to be searched for mutations, e.g. “929” and “943” in the dataset from the dropdown menu. Amino acids number should be within the HR1 domain (aa 919-984).
  • Select the database to analyze. Only sequences deposited on the GISAID database up to the specified date are included.