hCoV-19 Spike Protein HR1 Mutations Monitoring Website

Provides occurrence and frequency of point mutations in the S protein amino acid sequences

COV2SMT enabled by data from
  • The S protein sequences dataset is periodically updated by extraction and translation from the hCoV-19 genomic sequences collected in the GISAID resource.
  • Only human sequences without undefined nucleotides and without ins/del (1273-amino acid long) are considered. The reference sequence for mutations is: the Wuhan sequence, GISAID ID: EPI_ISL_402124, reported 2019-12-30.
  • Insert below the first and last number of the amino acid (AA) sequence to be searched for mutations, e.g. “929” and “943” in the dataset from the dropdown menu.
  • Amino acids number should be within the HR1 domain (aa 929-949).

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